While guitarist Kiko Loureiro recently issued a statement about extending his absence from Megadeth while reflecting on his time with the group, he's now shed more light on his status, stating in a podcast interview that he has "taken the liberty of choosing not to be in Megadeth."

Loureiro's comments came as part of the Amplifica podcast hosted by his Angra bandmate Rafael Bittencourt (as can be viewed below with transcription from Confere Rock). When the topic of his Megadeth status was raised, Loureiro offered that the reason he decided to leave the band was "freedom." Further elaborating, he explained that he was someone who "needs freedom, and that would have been the reason he went to the United States in the early 2000s, and at that moment, having freedom after nine years with Megadeth was important."

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In his previous messages to fans, Loureiro noted that it was a "family reason" that he initially decided to take leave from the band. Megadeth supported his decision to do so as well. Within the podcast discussion, he explained, “Now, due to circumstances in my life, I have taken the liberty of choosing not to be in Megadeth. Because it's my option. Because freedom is having the choice between two viable options, that is freedom.”

The guitarist also noted that his family is taking priority over all other issues at this point in his life. Within the chat, he discussed the band's 2011 Rock in Rio show and his daughter Livia being born just a few minutes after he arrived at his family's house. Meanwhile, his twin sons were born in 2016, just ten days before he was start a Megadeth tour.

He added that now he "wouldn't be on that stage, risking missing the moment of Lívia's arrival, even if Rock in Rio was the reason he started playing guitar, he wouldn't change that today.” And while he didn't go into details, he did mention that a family situation at home required more of his attention.

The guitarist commented that he had been feeling very comfortable with Megadeth, and added that his departure from the band came with no misunderstandings. As for if he had future plans, the guitarist simply responded,  “No, next question.”

Loureiro joined Megadeth in 2015, taking over the guitarist position after the exit of Chris Broderick from the band. He appeared on Megadeth's 2016 album Dystopia, as well as their 2022 release, The Sick, The Dying ... and the Dead!.

Kiko Loureiro Appears on the Amplifica Podcast

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