King 810 are winding down their 2016 touring, but they have one less stop on their schedule after recently being dropped by a Chicago venue Thalia Hall. The reason given for the cancelation of the band's performance was their "excessive use of guns and violent imagery."

Roadrunner Records posted the letter received with the key names and addresses blurred out, but the content clear to read. In the letter, it's revealed that the venue had been receiving phone calls from people in the neighborhood asking why the show was being allowed to happen, especially with Chicago ending the year with the highest rate of gun violence in history and the city particularly sensitive to the current environment. It's suggested that the best option was viewed as canceling the show. See the post below.

In response, frontman David Gunn has posted a video on Facebook in which he states that they are publicizing the cancellation to let fans know that it was not them who was dropping out of the show.

Gunn continues, "A lot of times when these types of things happen, we take the blame, and we wanted to let everyone know it was out of our control. The gun thing is part of the culture where we're from -- it's inherently part of the band. It's not something that we apologize for or regret or anything like that. I don't think there was any excessive use of guns, we've never used guns on anyone at shows -- had hundreds of shows, and they went off perfectly fine."

The singer adds, "If anyone ever comes through the front door with an automatic rifle, they're not going to be able to kill 150 people at a King show -- they'll probably be shot from the stage. So, the guns aren't going away, and we don't apologize for anything." Watch Gunn's response video below:

King 810 are in the midst of a December trek in support of their latest album, Le Petite Mort or a Conversation With God. See their remaining dates here.

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