KING 810 are digging a little deeper into their breakout Memoirs of a Murderer album and they've teamed with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the intriguing new video for "eyes (sleep it all away)."

The clip, directed by John "Quig" Quigley of Chrome Bumper Films, follows two youths -- a boy and a girl -- seemingly on their own in a dark forest as they run wild, set up a fire on the beach and bond over a jewel that they bury in the sand. But is that jewel what it really seems? Watch how the story plays out as the older versions of both youths reflect on the events of that night.

"eyes (sleep it all away)" is a more haunting and industrial sounding track that builds in intensity as the track continues. KING 810's David K. Gunn tells Loudwire, "'eyes' is probably my favorite song from the record. Even after it was finished and the record was released I didn't have the feeling that the song was done. It wasn't until this video was finished and the visual was paired with the audio that I felt it was a completely done and was satisfied with it. "

As stated, it's featured on KING 810's Memoirs of a Murderer disc, which is currently available via Amazon and iTunes.

The group recently wrapped up a series of dates with Tech N9ne and is in between tour runs. However, there are a few festival dates on the horizon, including appearances at the Gathering of the Juggalos and Dirt Fest. Keep up with their touring activity here.

And also keep an eye out for their new mixtape called Midwest Monsters 2, which is being presented by DJ Drama. The first song from the mixtape is called "Revenge" and it features Trick Trick. Take a listen here.