King Diamond is one of rock's most recognizable performers, often decked out in black and white stage makeup with crosses and occult symbols painted upon his face. But Wednesday night at The Rave in Milwaukee, fans got a different looking King Diamond.

The singer was forced to take the stage without his familiar stage makeup as he was suffering a severe eye infection. According to a post on King Diamond's site, the doctor had prescribed medicine for the infection and strongly advised the singer against the use of any makeup.

A posting from Diamond reads, "Fortunately there was no negative feedback from this, judging by how absolutely insanely amazing the audience responded to our show. It was so good to be back playing for you all! Stay heavy!"

Photos from the performance can be seen at The Rave website, and in the venue's Facebook posts below:

Video footage can also be seen in the videos above and below. As can be seen, makeup or not, King Diamond still puts on one of rock's most theatric and energetic live shows.

King Diamond Performs "Come to the Sabbath" at The Rave

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