King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill has been hit with a bit of bad luck lately. Back in February, he suffered a heart attack and underwent emergency surgery before recovering and leaving the hospital after three weeks under professional care. Now, Gaskill and his wife Julie have suffered great losses due to Hurricane Sandy, including losing almost all of their belongings and being dislodged from their home on the coast of New Jersey.

Friends and fans have reached out to Gaskill to offer support during this trying time, and he’s notably moved.

“Hey everybody. Julie and I want to again sincerely thank everyone all over the world for the overwhelming love and support during this devastating time for so many,” he said in an online posting. “I believe somehow things will be better than ever, just like when I died. I think Julie said it the best. She said, 'It's been quite a banner year for us. First you died, then we got married and now we're homeless.’

“Because of all your love, we have hope. We thank you now and we will thank you always. I have a feeling that 2013 could just be a good year.”

"All our love... Jerry and Julie."

If you would like to donate to help Gaskill rebuild after Hurricane Sandy, head to Give Forward. Note that donations will be treated as a gift, meaning they won’t be tax deductible.