KISS are one of the greatest rock bands in history, but somehow KISS has never won a Grammy. In fact, KISS has only received one Grammy nomination, but don’t tell that to Ace Frehley!

During the legendary guitarist’s most recent visit to our studio, we wanted to get his take on KISS only receiving a single Grammy nomination for Psycho Circus. Turns out all these years, Ace was under the impression KISS had won a Grammy for their 1977 classic ballad “Beth." Mass confusion ensued, and after we confirmed that no Grammy was awarded to KISS for “Beth,” Ace dropped the classic line, “Wait a minute… I have a Grammy on my shelf.”

Ace Frehley has a random Grammy Award just chilling at his home? We needed to know what this award was, so Ace offered to call his his fiancée, Rachel Gordon, to confirm exactly what rested upon Ace’s trophy shelf.

We learned many things during this call, including Gordon’s pet name for Ace — Pooh Bear. Rachel was kind enough to check on Ace’s awards and was able to describe the trophy Ace had mistaken for a Grammy. To be fair, the award was given to KISS by the Recording Academy, so at least it was presented by the same organization. Rachel Gordon even sent us a photo of the massive award, so check it all out for yourselves in the clip above, which we've posted with Ace's blessing.

What the hell is on Ace Frehley’s mantle? Find out exclusively right now in the funny video above! Ace Frehley’s new covers album, Origins Vol. 1, is available to purchase here.

Ace Frehley Learns KISS Never Won a Grammy Mid-Interview

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