With President-Elect Donald Trump's inauguration slated for Jan. 20, the big question in the music world has been, "Who will play the event?" Well, we now know that KISS can be scratched off the list of possibilities as Gene Simmons, his wife Shannon Tweed and daughter Sophie have confirmed the rock icons will not be performing at the inauguration ceremony. As for why the band declined the invitation, there's conflicting stories from Simmons and his family members.

TMZ caught up with the KISS legend and his family outside of Catch in West Hollywood. The reporter asked, "Gene, you're the rock 'n' roll Donald Trump, will you play the inauguration?" Before Simmons had the opportunity to respond, both Shannon and Sophie shouted, "No," repeatedly. When positioned with the idea of getting the "band back together," presumably meaning the classic KISS lineup, Simmons' wife and daughter again shot down the notion.

"I think people should get over it and move on. He's our president and that's it," the KISS bassist said after being pointed in the direction of wanting to say yes by the reporter, but not before Shannon grabbed his lips and repeated, "No," a couple more times.

When Simmons was pressed again about whether KISS would be playing Trump's inauguration, he stated, "We're going to be touring Europe at the same time." Shannon then revealed, "That's not to say they didn't ask," while Sophie, responding to her father's excuse, said, "That's not why, but yeah." Simmons remained mum when asked if he would have liked to have played as his family again spoke for him as Sophie said, "They asked and [KISS] politely declined."

The speculation as to which band will accept the invitation for this typically prestigious honor continues, with KISS and Vince Neil both confirmed to not be playing. In November, it was revealed the the Motley Crue singer was tapped for the performance, but, as it turned out, his invitation was rescinded.

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