You'd think after over 40 years of making music, rock legends KISS would be over the moon about their upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. This may be the case for some members, but not Paul Stanley. In fact, the KISS legend goes as far to say, "Was it an honor to be nominated? No."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame constantly receives mixed reactions from both musicians and rock fans. It was one of Joey Ramone's last wishes to be inducted into the Hall, while Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten called the institution a "piss stain" in response to the Pistols' induction. In the eyes of many fans, KISS has been snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for many years, but in a new interview, it's obvious that an induction isn't important to Paul Stanley.

In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Stanley offered a no-BS response when asked if he was honored by the Hall's attention. "No, it was done begrudgingly and because it had become absolutely ludicrous that they were choosing to ignore us," Stanley explains. "At the end of the day most people don’t realize that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame was a privately created establishment and that it has a self-appointed board. It’s a perfect case of perception becoming reality. People heard ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’ and gave it credibility. So whether it deserves the title has to be weighed against who it inducts. So was it an honor to be nominated? No. It means a lot to the fans and I understand it because it’s validation for them. So for that reason I accept graciously and accept on their behalf."

As for a possible performance by KISS during the induction ceremony? Stanley answers, "I have no plans at the moment to do anything, and that includes playing with Ace and Peter or anyone else. My plan at the moment is to go and accept the award. Anything else, we’ll see how it unfolds or unravels."

KISS will join Nirvana, Peter Gabriel and various other acts as members of the Hall's 2014 class. To read the entire interview with Paul Stanley, head over to Classic Rock Magazine.