While musically the four original members of KISS went into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame together earlier this year, there's still some equality issues in the eyes of certain members of the band. Frontman Paul Stanley addresses some of that in his 'Face the Music' autobiography, and he also followed up on the issue in a recent interview in the OC Weekly.

Stanley is very candid when it comes to the contributions of drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley, calling out the former KISS members for occasionally trying to "sabotage the band." He explains, "Part of the dynamic of the band was to have to pragmatically deal with the fact that two of the guys were often more interested in sabotaging the band, sabotaging Gene [Simmons] and I, than doing the right thing."

He goes on to add, "They also wanted equal say when they didn't do equal work. Part of what we gave the public was the myth that the four of us did everything together and contributed equally. That was something we wanted to maintain in the spirit of the bands that we loved and pictured doing that. The problem was that the guys in the band began to believe it themselves."

As for Gene Simmons, Stanley's longtime bandmate and the other remaining original KISS member, the vocalist adds, "I certainly see him as a brother, although we don't always agree on how to treat your brother. At the end of the day, I know he will be there for me and me for him." However, Stanley also had some issues with Simmons at points in KISS' career.

"My issues have always been more rooted in participating evenly and equally and still ending up with an equal share of money. I didn't want it with Peter and Ace, why would I want it with Gene?," says Stanley. "He wasn't doing his job and he was off doing other things and being paid for those things. I felt like if he wasn't going to do his job and gonna elsewhere, it was like he took less here or he gave me some of what he was doing elsewhere. That was an ongoing problem."

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