In his 2014 memoir Face the Music: A Life ExposedKISS singer-guitarist  revealed his struggles with grade 3 microtia (being born without an external ear) and deafness in his right ear. The rocker supports a charity for children with microtia, and recently visited a young girl recovering from reconstructive surgery in Los Angeles.

Four-year-old Arabella Carter from Canada traveled to Los Angeles last week for the surgery, and Stanley visited her and her family following the operation. On the Ears for Arabella Facebook page, her family reports that she is recovering well. Watch a story about Arabella that features an interview with Stanley in the video from WCAX TV above.

Stanley waited over 30 years for his ear to be constructed. He now works with the non-profit group Mending Kids, which raises money to help children around the world access reconstructive surgery.

In an interview with CNN a few years ago, Stanley talked about his microtia. "I've had an implanted hearing aid for years now," Stanley says. "This is a device that is usually given to children at an early age or to adults who have lost their hearing due to a medical condition. This has been an ongoing adjustment for me as my brain has never processed sound coming in from my right side."

Stanley continues, "In the beginning, it was incredibly taxing and extremely confusing. It would be like you are suddenly developing an eye in the back of your head. That said, it has settled in quite a bit and I have to say, it has enhanced my day-to-day activities."

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