Sad news to report today as Martin Funderud (pictured above, center), vocalist of Norwegian brutal death metal act Kraanium died at the age of 38 on Thursday (April 20) after committing suicide.

Funderud, while best known for his work in Kraanium, was a fixture of the brutal death metal scene having cut albums with Congenital Malformation, Dragging Entrails, Fermented Masturbation, Psychosomatic Self-Mutilation and contributed vocals and drums to black metal outfit Daudehaud's lone full length album. In total, he released eight studio records and a handful of splits and EPs between all these groups.

Kraanium shared the news on their Facebook page, posting an image of Funderud (seen below) that read "Rest in Power" and confirmed the death was a suicide in the comments section. It is an especially tough loss as Martin was the twin brother of Mats Funderud, the band's guitarist and last remaining original member. The two had been featured in a number of the aforementioned the bands together and were both straight edge until 2013 when they opted to abandon that lifestyle together.

After experiencing some turnover, Kraanium now boasts an international lineup with members from Turkey, Russia and the United Kingdom. Their latest full length and fourth overall, Chronicles of Perversion, was released in 2015 with the most recent effort being a forthcoming split with Analepsy.

Loudwire extends our condolences to the Funderud family, all of Martin's bandmates, extended family and friends.

Kraanium, Chronciles of Perversion Full Album

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