Thrash legend Max Cavalera's wife, Gloria, has been documenting stories from her life in the music industry via her blog Growing Up Green. In Gloria's latest recollection, she writes about a time when Nirvana's Kurt Cobain called the Sepultura frontman to get some advice on where to score heroin in Brazil.

Here's the catch: Max Cavalera wasn't even in Brazil at the time. Kurt Cobain, however, was in Brazil with Nirvana. The seminal grunge band began 1993 with some international dates, including Nirvana's first trip to Brazil to perform in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Nirvana's Sao Paulo show became infamous for Kurt Cobain's bizarre behavior for 10 minutes of the band's hour-long set. Cobain more or less hijacked the gig, beginning with a throwaway version of Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" and culminating with bassist Krist Novoselic walking off stage and Cobain mashing a cantaloupe into his guitar.

Kurt Cobain's guitar tech Earnie Bailey remembers Cobain being "kind of a mess" during that gig, and Gloria Cavalera has just added another layer to the story. "Max was surprised to hear Kurt Cobain on the other end of the phone line," Gloria writes. "He had gotten our phone number from someone in Brazil. He explained that he was in Brazil, playing a big festival. He was looking for heroin and wondered if Max knew where he could get some. Max was pretty surprised and didn't really know how to answer! 'No, I don't know how to get anything like that, and I am in America!' Max said. Kurt kept the conversation going for a bit and then switched the topic to pregnant wives!"

Kurt went on to wish Max and Gloria good luck on their pregnancy with Zyon before giving up on Max as his prospective drug contact. Check out Gloria Cavalera's full blog here.

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