Musicians have been trying in vain to copy the distinctive "Nirvana sound" ever since the band hit big in the early ‘90s, with frontman Kurt Cobain’s big, brash and – dare we say it? – grungy guitar tone of particular interest to six-stringers the world over.

Nobody will ever be able to duplicate the self-taught shredding techniques that landed Cobain at No. 12 on Rolling Stone magazine's tally of greatest guitarists of all time, but now, thanks to a new model of Fender guitars, they will be able to approximate his sound.

Available now at major guitar retailers is the Kurt Cobain Jaguar Guitar, a signature instrument closely modeled after one of Cobain’s personal favorites from his arsenal of axes: a 1965 sunburst Fender Jaguar. Cobain’s vintage Jaguar was modified drastically from the production model, with dual humbucker pickups, unusual tone and volume knobs and slipshod electronics added over the years.

Not only does the new ‘Cobain Jaguar’ have these alterations, it’s also crafted in a way to replicate all the dings, scratches and the worn-away finish that undoubtedly resulted from years of woodshedding and the countless stage-destroying, instrument-tossing displays of chaos of which Nirvana were notorious for ending their sets.

It’s not the first Fender/Cobain joint. In 1995, Fender came out with the JagStang, a guitar personally designed by Cobain as an eccentric hybrid of two of his favorite Fender models: the Jaguar and the Mustang. Cobain apparently was disappointed by the JagStang production model and rarely played the axe live, although after his death, Courtney Love gifted one from his collection to R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe.

The guitar has a suggested retail price of $1,849.99 but is available at most retailers for significantly less. Regardless, the Cobain Jaguar will set you back a hefty chunk of change, but for guitarists who have been searching for the elusive Cobain sound, it’s well worth it. Click here to see a list of retail outlets where you can purchase the Kurt Cobain Jaguar Guitar.