In the early '90s, it got no bigger than Nirvana, but almost as quickly as the band got huge their career came to an end with Kurt Cobain's death. For those around to experience it, Nirvana was as big as they came, but there are many younger music lovers who missed out on all the mass hysteria. Now, a new piece of video has been unearthed that displays some of the feelings toward the band as their career started to skyrocket. But this MTV-shot video also features a very telling statement from Cobain's mother about his success.

On Sept. 11, 1992, Nirvana returned home to play Seattle for one of the first times since 'Nevermind' hit the mainstream, and MTV was on hand to interview the locals about their thoughts of the band breaking big. As expected, there's some mixed reaction -- from the fans loving that the world had discovered what they already knew to those who were now less enthused about the band because of the changes in venues, look and sound since their early days.

In the midst of all the interviews is a chat with Wendy O'Connor, Kurt Cobain's mother, who turned out with a number of his family members to catch the hometown show. When questioned by MTV on her thoughts about his success, O'Connor stated, "I have mixed emotions about it. I'm glad that made enough of a success to make a living, but some of it is too much for him, I think. For all of us, really, it's a little overwhelming." The section featuring O'Connor's interview can be found at the 9:22 mark in the video above.

Sadly, less than two years after the video was filmed, Kurt Cobain would take his own life and Nirvana's musical legacy would essentially be shortened to this very brief window of time. But the accomplishments live on and just this past spring, the band entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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