The Guardian has premiered a new clip from the upcoming documentary about Kurt Cobain called Cobain: Montage of Heck. In the snippet, you see an early performance video from Nirvana, as well as a list of potential names Cobain was considering calling the group. Names like “Boy in Heat,” “Cold and Wet,” “Drugs for Sale,” “Erectum” and “Fecal Matter” are shown, and you can check out all of his ideas above.

The video gives viewers another taste of the style for the upcoming film. Director Brett Morgen combined real video footage, Cobain’s sketches and notebook entries, animation, Nirvana’s song “Dive” and various aging video effects to seamlessly create a cool, grungy fast-paced clip.

In mid-March, the official trailer for the movie was released, which you can watch here. That video shows snippets of Cobain’s home movies from his childhood, through when he was an adult and teases the interviews that were done with various people about the singer.

Courtney Love and her daughter Francis Bean Cobain are producers for the movie and Love recently talked about Montage of Heck during her stop on the Late Show with David Letterman back in February. The singer said that she has seen the movie three times, but probably will not see it again. “It’s anguish,” she told Letterman. “It’s very moving…It’s too much. People were in tears.” For the creation of the movie, Morgen was given complete access to Cobain and Love’s private catalogs, including never-before-seen or heard items. One of those being reported is a 12-minute acoustic track created by Cobain that is reportedly in the film and on the soundtrack.

Montage of Heck will be released in U.S. theaters in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle starting on Apr. 24. After that, the documentary will air May 4 on HBO.

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