It's called "Scatterbrain" for a reason! KXM are back on the scene with their upcoming Scatterbrain album due in March and they've delivered a rather chaotic video for the title track.

In the video seen above, the trio of dUg Pinnick, George Lynch and Ray Luzier head out to wooded environs to deliver a truly frenetic performance of the title track, which is probably better for everyone involved as we can see from the video that the song is best performed in wide open spaces.

After an in sync opening delivering stand-alone licks, the song quickly evolves into a high energy rocker with Luzier pounding away on the drums while Lynch and Pinnick attempt to keep up the pace. Pinnick's verses are delivered with a bit of an affected vocal, while the video director chooses to speed up the action to match the energy of the song. It slows down long enough for Lynch to get in some mid-song guitar noodling leading into a wail the feeds back into the fury. By the end of this fast-paced clip, Lynch can no longer hold his ground, tumbling into Luzier's drum kit, while the cameraman stumbles away and lets out a grunt trying to catch his breath. Jamie Brown directed the clip, which includes a stunning forest visual.

As stated, "Scatterbrain" is the title track of the new KXM album of the same name. The disc is due on March 17 via Rat Pak Records and may be pre-ordered via Amazon and iTunes, as well as with assorted bundles via the band's Rak Pak website page.

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