If you've been watching the rollout of their videos in the past few weeks, you're aware that the trio KXM, consisting of King's X's dUg Pinnick, Lynch Mob's George Lynch and Korn's Ray Luzier, have some seriously blistering music en route. Only a few days remain before their sophomore set Scatterbrain arrives, and the band has just unleashed a behind the scenes featurette speaking about the forthcoming disc.

The video is a mixture of interviews and bits and pieces of the Sebastien Paquet-directed clips for "Scatterbrain" and "Breakout" off of the new disc. Paquet also recently oversaw the "Noises in the Sky" video which isn't part of the featurette.

The featurette really expresses the unique nature of this creative venture between the three rock vets. "When we do get together, it's the orgy of creativity. It's crazy," says Lynch. "What happens with this band is really what music is all about and the creative endeavor is all about." In the promo, you can go inside the studio where the band show off the rare EMI / Neve board that they used for the disc.

According to the band, Scatterbrain was a truly built from the ground up album, with the idea being that they would not come to the studio with preconceived notions. What transpired was a 12-day recording session in which they tracked 13 songs built from scratch from the jams they came up with in the studio.

"That really separates the men from the boys. Can you do this or not? Can you pull it off?" asks Luzier. "It's just unbridled creative access. There's just no boundaries," says Lynch. "It's sort of like we just jump into the creek and the water's cold, but we just jump and you'll learn how to swim," says Pinnick.

KXM's Scatterbrain album arrives this Friday (March 17) via Rat Pak Records. You can pre-order your copies via the band's label site or via Amazon and iTunes.

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