Last week, it was revealed that Lacuna Coil had backed out of the 2014 ShipRocked Cruise. The band cited "very serious personal family matters" as the reason for pulling out, and in a new open letter posted today (Dec. 31) from vocalist Cristina Scabbia, we may have a better understanding as to why Lacuna Coil decided to skip the rock cruise.

In her new post, Scabbia admits that 2013 has been a very difficult year for her. Without going into too much detail, she talks about "bad moments of sadness" and "lack of strength," among other struggles. We can't 100-percent confirm the connection between Lacuna Coil's ShipRocked cancellation and Cristina Scabbia's latest statement, but the two may be related. Scabbia's full Facebook post reads as follows:

My dear friends,

I surely hope it has been better for you all...but 2013 hasn't exactly been a piece of cake for me.
Bad moments of sadness, melancholy, lack of strength and sleep, moments when I thought I was really going to give up... not artistically but as a person.
Life can be a bitch sometimes.

But as in every "not so happy" situation I went through in my life I always try to see the good coming out of it all and what I found out is that not only I realised I have an amazing family tight as an army and a loving boyfriend who made me smile through the roughness...but I have priceless friends that supported me ALL the way through the bad moments, without even barely thinking about the so overrated "rockstar status" I am not proud of.

And I love them all back to death, I mean it.

This is what life really should be: the self awareness of the fact that at the end of the day is not what we have done in our lives, but who we shared everything with.

I also shared my voice, our music, a piece of my life with you all, so feel part of the family too

Here's to a great 2014.
May the new year make all your dreams come true, give you all the happiness you guys deserve and give you the strength to realise you can get wherever you want if you really want to.
Smile, smile a lot and let others smile.

Oh...and party hard tonight but... be safe, I want to hear every single one of you from tomorrow on ;)))

Rock on and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

As previously mentioned, on Dec. 22, Lacuna Coil posted the following message: "We are truly sorry to announce that we have had to cancel our appearance at the 2014 ShipRocked Cruise. We are dealing with some very serious personal family matters at this time which demand our full attention. Sadly, we are unable to travel such a far distance away from our loved ones. We truly hope that you can understand. Our most sincere apologies to everyone planning to come see us. We hope to see everyone very soon."

Although Lacuna Coil's current updates may seem disheartening to some, the good news is the band just finished recording a new full-length album. The record is set to drop in the first half of 2014.