Finished. Done. Completed. In the books. Good to go. That's the status of Lacuna Coil's latest album, 'Dark Adrenaline,' which is due out Jan. 24 via Century Media. Singer Cristina Scabbia, who routinely makes those "Hottest Women in Metal" lists thanks to her stunning and blessed genetic makeup, released a quick video detailing the status of 'Dark Adrenaline.'

In the video clip, the raven-haired Italian beauty said, "I am really happy to tell you guys that 'Dark Adrenaline,' the new Lacuna Coil album, is officially done. We finished recording. We finished the mixing. We finished the mastering. So the album is 'there.' It is ready to be released at the end of January so be there."

The singer also teased about how good the album is, saying, "I am sure you guys will be ecstatic, as much as I am. The songs are amazing. As previously stated, they are darker and heavier. That's the truth." Darker and heavier? Sign us up!

Scabbia said that the band is already getting super positive feedback about the record from fans that have heard the single 'Trip the Darkness,' and she revealed that she has even seen 'Dark Adrenaline'-related tattoos already. Wow, that didn't take long. Maybe 'Dark Adrenaline' will provide an even bigger liftoff for the band! Or perhaps it will just cause (dark) adrenaline to course through the veins of those diehard fans who are counting the minutes until Jan. 24 gets here.

The 'Dark Adrenaline' track listing is as follows:

'Trip the Darkness'
'Against You'
'Kill the Light'
'Give Me Something More'
'End of Time'
'I Don't Believe in Tomorrow'
'The Army Inside'
'Losing My Religion'
'My Spirit'

Watch Cristina Scabbia Reveal Details About 'Dark Adrenaline'