Guess who is a mega-Foo Fighters fan? None other than pop singer Lady Gaga. Last night, Gaga performed at the same private event as the band and she posted a stellar review of the Foo Fighters' performance on her Instagram.

She wrote: “The Foo Fighters were so incredible tonight, monster fury rock 'n’ roll, 20 years of locked precision. Can’t stop screaming, almost took my pants off Dave [Grohl] playing guitar with an empty shot of Jägermeister. Glass to the strings.” We’re actually surprised she was wearing pants to take off, but that’s neither here nor there. Check out her full post here.

Gaga and Foo Fighters were both part of a private show for the William Morris Endeavor talent agency in Solana Beach, Calif. The Foo Fighters’ ‘monster fury rock n’ roll’ set is just the beginning of new activity for the band. They have a gig lined up in Los Angeles tomorrow (Jan. 10) and then head out on a string of international dates this February.

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