Lamb of God have been here before, but so far the band has yet to claim a Grammy award. Could 2016 be the year that that happens? Drummer Chris Adler shared his thoughts on the band's Grammy nomination for "512" in the Best Metal Performance category with DC 101's Elliot in the Morning and reveals that while it's not the type of award that strive for, it still would be nice to win.

He explains, "This is not the kind of award that we aim for when we're writing music. And metal, for me, shouldn't really even be a part of it. In the way that the Grammy awards has presented itself, it's basically a pop show. As far as songwriting, it comes down to lyrics and melody. Metal, to me, is not supposed to be popular. It's not supposed to be awarded, it's the music for outsiders. It's rebellious and a little more aggressive than most people would want to deal with."

He goes on to add that he's glad that there is a metal category, but doesn't necessarily understand the methodology used to select a winner. "Yes, I respect the artists that we're up against, but basically it's a popularity contest when we get there," says the drummer.

The band has been nominated four prior times and have attended each ceremony, but this year they will be on tour and unable to be there in person. "Maybe not being there will help us win one," says Adler, who jokes. "I'll send my dad maybe. He'll have a 30-minute speech and get yanked off."

He adds, "I hope we win one. I'll give it to my mum. It'll mean more to her than it will to me ... [But] they've gotten it wrong so many times that if we were to get it, we'd have to look back and be real with ourselves and say, 'Listen, every other time that we missed it when we should've got it was a joke too, so we can't take it too seriously.'"

Check out Adler's full commentary on the Grammys on the Elliot in the Morning show in the player above and check back on Grammy day, Feb. 15, to see if Lamb of God take home the honor for Best Metal Performance.

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