Virginia's own Lamb of God have just released a surreal lyric video for 'Ghost Walking,' the first single from their upcoming full-length, 'Resolution.' VEVO recently spoke with the video's director, P.R. Brown about his latest work and how he decided to interpret 'Ghost Walking.'

Lamb of God's 'Ghost Walking' is a familiar yet progressive next step for the band, stamping their own sound into the track while bringing in some very Pantera-esque guitar work into the song. Director P.R. Brown, who has directed music videos for artists such as Prince, Hanson and Matisyahu, spoke about his decision to delve into the metal world.

"I am probably the least metal person you will ever meet," claimed Brown. "I’m playing Wagner and Bach all day. I’ve grown to become a fan, I wasn’t early on. I used to do Blue Note jazz album covers. I met Marilyn Manson as a fluke, and did 'AntiChrist Superstar' for him, and from that moment on became the dark metal bastard child of the industry. It was a weird ride."

Brown spoke about his visual concepts for the new Lamb of God track - "Trying to create something a little different for them was definitely the goal ... we made a teaser for the album a few weeks ago. It had snippets of one track, and a lot of the imagery was around Armageddon. It’s from the band’s perspective of there being no one left to save. It takes on this found-footage feeling of an underground movement that’s just about the end times, basically."

Brown also shared the reaction he got after Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton first saw the video - "That is simply f---ing incredible," wrote Morton. "I'm stunned. AWESOME." Brown is currently working on lyric videos for Nickelback.

Lamb of God's seventh studio album 'Resolution' is set for release on Jan. 24, 2012.

Watch Lamb of God's 'Ghost Walking' Lyric Video