The most anticipated releases of 2015 don't all come in audio form. Lamb of God's new studio album, VII: Sturm und Drang, is coming out July 24, but 10 days before, fans will finally get their hands on Randy Blythe's Czech prison memoir, Dark Days.

Metalheads are arguably just as excited for Dark Days as they are for VII: Sturm und Drang, which is why we invited Randy Blythe to our studios to speak about his upcoming memoir. This book is the real deal. Written by Randy himself, it takes the reader inside Pankrac Prison, where Blythe spent over a month during the summer of 2012.

In this interview, Randy takes us through the stages of physically writing a book. The vocalist felt at times that he was losing his mind over the book, contacting other musician-authors such as Duff McKagan and Corey Taylor for support. Blythe made it through the harrowing process with an impressive 496 pages, the majority of which will detail his time inside Czech prison.

As Randy described to us, so much of the trial had been reported in tremendous detail thanks to journalist Jonathan Crane, who Blythe eventually met after his release. Because of the media coverage, Blythe didn't feel it necessary to recap the little details of his trial, instead opting to document the untold moments behind bars.

If you want to get the early scoop on Dark Days, which comes out July 12, check out the clip above. To pro-order Randy Blythe's Dark Days memoir, click here.

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