Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe is thrilled to be back onstage - so thrilled that he actually got in more stage time than what his band was allotted over the weekend. The vocalist took the opportunity to join Prong onstage during their set at Saturday's Knotfest show in Somerset, Wis.

Blythe entered the stage and informed the crowd that they were about to play a Misfits cover. He then explained, "This song is about going to prison in a foreign country. It's called 'London Dungeon.'" The singer has a first-hand knowledge of the subject matter, spending five weeks in a Czech Republic jail this year while being held on an alleged manslaughter charge relating to a 2010 concert incident.

The blistering cover was met with great enthusiasm by those in attendance as Blythe and his pals in Prong ripped through the track with supreme aggression. Fan filmed footage can be seen below.

Having performed at Knotfest over the weekend, Lamb of God are in the process of trying to reschedule some of the shows lost when they had to cancel their late summer tour. Blythe has stated he intends to return to the Czech Republic to answer the charges against him. A trial is expected to begin in December.

Watch Randy Blythe with Prong on the Misfits' 'London Dungeon'

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