It looks like 2019 is the year for Lamb of God's members to branch out and spread their wings a little bit more. Earlier this week, we got a new solo track from guitarist Mark Morton featuring Chester Bennington. Now comes word that Lamb of God's Randy Blythe has formed a new band called Over It All with some familiar collaborators.

Animals as Leaders guitarist Javier Reyes, Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci, 33 & West booking agent JJ Cassiere and Mediaskare Records chief Baron Bodner round out the lineup of the new group. Blythe revealed the pairing via an Instagram post, with a look at the group gathered together on board their RV.

“The Nightmare Begins," is the title of Blythe's post, dated Jan. 10, 2019. "In the @overitallofficial RV with my bros- we’re just ONE FREAKING DAY into this thing & already it’s trashed & smells like ass. I guess that what happens when you put a bunch of freaking savages from @lambofgod, @animalsasleaders, @swornenemynyc, & #atticsforautomatics together to form a band. Christ almighty, I thought I had left the van/RV days far behind me... Thanks @sumerianrecords for paying for the RV... I guess. Give us a follow for updates: @overitallofficial. What have I gotten myself into... #overitall #lambofgod #animalsasleaders #swornenemy #atticsforautomatics #sumerianrecords #getyourshittogetherkevin

Though Reyes is known as a guitarist, it appears as though he'll be playing bass in this new band. A humorous post on the matter can be found below.

While it looks like the album process is just starting, the Over It All Instagram bio suggests that their debut album will be released by Sumerian Records and possibly very soon. Stay tuned to see what comes next from Over It All.

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