Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe meets a lot of admirers when the band is out on tour, but the vocalist recently shared a humorous anecdote from the road where he obliviously met and hung out with Michael C. Hall, star of the recently wrapped TV series 'Dexter.'

Blythe's Instagram posts typically include a picture taken of fans he's met or the area surrounding where he is playing for the day. He has a passion for photography and shares it through one of social media's most popular mediums. In a new post, he describes hanging out and chatting with "Mike," a friend of the editor at the publishing company of Blythe's upcoming memoir of his Czech manslaughter case. Randy and "Mike" casually talked for a while before the metal frontman suddenly became aware that he was not just chatting with any old fan.

Blythe's Instagram post reads:

Another LA dressing room shot. This is this dude Mike I met that night. Ben, my bad-ass editor over at Da Capo/Perseus (publishing company that's putting out my book in North America) was coming to the show & asked if it was cool for a plus one on the list, as he wanted to bring a friend. Sure, no problem- he came to the bus before the show & introduced his old college buddy Mike, & we sat & shot the shit for a half hour or so. I thought maybe Mike was his editorial assistant at Da Capo or something- he was a super chill dude. Then I noticed A LOT of people started getting on & off our bus, more than normal. Then our video guy Doug asked Mike for a picture, like "My wife will kill me if I don't get a photo with you"- Mike said sure. Doug left & I was like "Bro, who ARE you?" I thought maybe he was some sort of rockstar editor I didn't know about (are there such things?) or maybe in porn or something, hahaha. He just looked at me & was like "I'm an actor, I was on a tv show called Dexter & another one called Six Feet Under" I said "Oh, that's cool. I don't watch tv. I'm sorry I don't know your show." Then I realized that I was saying EXACTLY to him what people who don't know my band say "Oh, I'm sorry I've never heard of you"- IT'S OK! NOT EVERYONE IS A METALHEAD! So I said "Wait dude, I'm NOT sorry I don't watch tv, but it's really nice to meet you" & then we just kicked it with all our other guests until we played. Mike was mad chill (This is Michael C. Hall, NOT DEXTER- FUCK! That's an imaginary person! Mike's a real person) & watched the show & I hope he had a good time & didn't get "Dextered" to death. Let a motherfucker chill, SHIT! I won't start watching tv, but I will go see his new movie I looked up about a murder in the Beat scene called "Kill Your Darlings". Anyways, nice guy, & he took a pretty good portrait.

You can follow Randy Blythe on Instagram at @drandallblythe for more insight to his life on the road. Check out his photo of Michael C. Hall below.