Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe has finally hit the big time. The guttural vocalist was recently featured on the Weather Channel to talk about his environmental conservation efforts in the forests of Ecuador.

Blythe, along with his friend Carlos, both appeared on the Weather Channel’s Pattrn Show, talking about sustainability and how Blythe was able to raise the money to buy and conserve land in Ecuador by joining Cameo.

“Ecuador has the highest annual deforestation rate in the western hemisphere,” Blythe said. “This is causing greenhouse gases to just go on and on and on because you need trees to absorb this stuff. We’re seeing it in our costal areas, the water levels are rising, it’s all interconnected. For me, it’s about paying attention to things that are happening right in front of your eyes and not ignoring them, like this climate change. That’s sort of the message of Omens — not superstitious omens, but more like, let’s pay attention to these historically repeating patterns and try and do something about it.”

We caught up with Randy Blythe and Mark Morton at Louder Than Life, shortly after Blythe’s Weather Channel appearance. After getting into the upcoming album, Omens, Blythe shared his excitement for having been featured on a TV juggernaut like the Weather Channel.

“Randy was really excited to be on the Weather Channel,” Morton said.

“Very excited!” Blythe exclaimed. “And Jamey Jasta hit me up and he was like, ‘Dude, so many people are hitting me up because you’re on the Weather Channel. They have deep respect for you now. He sent me a video of him with Kirk from Crowbar and Kirk was like, ‘Yeah brah, I love that you’re on the Weather Channel, I watch it all the time. Now you’re big time.”

Watch our interview with Lamb of God below and click here to pre-order your copy of Omens, which will be released on Oct. 7.

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