Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe was reportedly arrested today (June 28) in the Czech Republic on apparent manslaughter charges that date back to a 2010 incident. 

The Czech news website Novinky reports that Blythe engaged in a fight with a fan during the band's show at the Prague club Abaton in May 2010, and that the fan later died of his injuries. Today, with Lamb of God back in the Czech Republic to perform a show that was scheduled for tonight, police brought the musician in for questioning upon his arrival in the city for the gig. As a result, tonight's show has been canceled.

Loudwire spoke with Lamb of God's representatives, and they told us that the singer has been wrongly accused. They added that lawyers are currently dealing with the situation and that they expect Blythe to be fully exonerated.

Lamb of God have been touring the world in support of their 'Resolution' album and have been filming a documentary capturing the sights and sounds of the trek.

Loudwire will continue to follow this story as more details emerge.

[Thanks to Loudwire reader Kristian for the news tip.]

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