Lamb of God's highly-anticipated album 'Resolution' is set to hit stores tomorrow (Jan. 24). However, if your fanatic devotion to the band has left you pacing nervously in circles, you can listen to the entire album in its final and mastered form -- right now.

It seems like the metal world has been buzzing about 'Resolution' like a kid on a sugar high with a coffee kicker. It's been three long years since Lamb of God released 'Wrath' to their legions on fans, earning themselves two consecutive Grammy nominations for Best Metal Performance.

Lamb of God have also done their part in hyping up the album. Vocalist and President of the United States candidate Randy Blythe recently went in depth with Full Metal Jackie about 'Resolution.' Check out that full interview here.

After releasing a lyric video for the album's first single 'Ghost Walking' in early December, which won not one, not two, but three of our recent Death Matches, Lamb of God released a badass animated music video for the song.

Now that 'Resolution' is about to consume us all, Lamb of God have unleashed the full album via AOL Music for your streaming pleasure. If you like your Lamb of God cut thick with heavy grooves and incredibly aggressive vocals, you'd better start listening to 'Resolution' this very second:

Click Here to Listen to Lamb of God's 'Resolution' in Full at AOL Music