Lamb of God have announced the release of their seventh studio album. After some very effective teasing, we can now report that the disc, titled VII: Sturm Und Drang, will see a worldwide release in July. Just as exciting, Lamb of God are streaming the brand new track "Still Echoes" on their official website.

It's been a very hectic few years for Lamb of God, beginning with vocalist Randy Blythe's arrest in the Czech Republic back in 2012. To the relief of fans around the world, Blythe was found not guilty of manslaughter charges in 2013, allowing a sense of justice to bring normalcy back into Blythe's life.

In early 2014, Randy Blythe chose to take a break from Lamb of God, instead focusing time on his upcoming Dark Days memoir, composing for the Richmond ballet and delving into photography. Blythe's first photography exhibition is currently being held at the Sacred Gallery in New York City.

“The time has come to give the fans their first taste of the new Lamb of God album," says Blythe. "This is a very, very dark, yet sonically highly varied, record. As it's always good to come out of the gate hard with a fast and aggressive one, we chose this track "Still Echoes" to kick it off. Enjoy/destroy.”

Randy describes "Still Echoes" as "a history of Pankrac Prison," where he was incarcerated for over a month. The first line of "Still Echoes" reads, "A thousand heads cut clean across their necks, right down the hall from me." Turns out this image came within very close proximity to the LoG vocalist. "There was a guillotine right down the hall from me, from when the Nazis had the prison," Blythe tells Rolling Stone. "From 1943 to 1945 they executed almost 2,000 people by the guillotine, because it was cheaper than shooting and quicker than hanging … They call it the Pankrác 'Saw Room' or the 'Axe Room.' I sat there at night, and I'd think about all those dudes that got their heads chopped off – men and women – in that place not too far from me."

Lamb of God will embark on a monster North American tour with Slipknot, Bullet for My Valentine and Motionless in White beginning July 24 in West Palm Beach, Fla., and ending Sept. 5 in Dallas. To pre-order Lamb of God's VII: Sturm Und Drang, click here.

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