We know a lot of you metalheads are pretty big gamers and that's what makes Pentakill so unique. Pentakill was formed as a full-fledged band derived from the popular League of Legends video game, with band members assuming skins of players in the game with contributions from actual metal musicians. Three years after releasing the Smite & Ignite EP, the group has returned with two new songs off their forthcoming album, Pentakill II: Grasp of the Undying.

"The Bloodthirster" (above) and "Tear of the Goddess" (below) are the first offerings taken from the new record, clueing fans in as to what they can expect from the full disc. Former Masterplan singer Jørn Lande takes the lead on "The Bloodthirster," a thumping power metal track that punches through with beefy rhythms, countered by cinematic synth-charged moments.

As for "Tear of the Goddess," it takes on a less sinister mood, perfectly set up for Battle Beast frontwoman Noora Louhimo and her whimsical set of pipes. The song drops out to a clanky bass, light percussion and delicate piano work as her voice gently guides the track forward. Heavier elements begin introducing themselves as the song continues, reaching an explosive chorus where it all comes together.

The overwhelming response to Pentakill was instant after the band released their debut EP, which cracked Billboard's Top 40 and debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Metal and Rock charts. Click here to dive further into the band and the concept behind this project.

Pentakill, "Tear of the Goddess"

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