Here is the least played song live off every AC/DC album.

A bit surprisingly, the rock 'n' roll icons have a handful of songs that have only been played live one time across more than 2,100 total shows, as tabulated by the ever-resourceful

With 17 studio albums of material, quite a lot of tracks are performed on the tour in support of whatever the new release at the time was, and maybe resurrected for one other tour some time much later on.

For fans in attendance to see these rather rare occurrences, it creates a unique memory, especially if you've gone to a few shows in hopes of watching AC/DC play as many different songs as possible.

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The hits will always dominate the set, but there's occasionally room for a deep cut or two.

Come check out some of the most rare live AC/DC songs and view the least played track from all of their records.

The Least Played Song Off Every AC/DC Album

There's quite a few songs AC/DC have only played live one time.

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

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