Here's the least played song live off every Megadeth album.

The 'Big 4' thrashers have released a total of 16 studio albums and, unlike so many other veteran bands out there, their career is marked by high points across a handful of decades. While they've certainly experienced some low points, Megadeth are a band that has continuously reinvented itself or, when going back to their roots, nailed a return to form.

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Of the least played songs on each Megadeth album, a total of six tracks listed haven't even been played 10 times, making them among the most rare to ever grace the stage. Some are even off a couple of the band's biggest albums.

With over 2,300 concerts played, it really offers some context to just how infrequently these tracks have been performed. Of course, there are a few fans would surely love to see back in the setlist, while a couple are best left off any setlist.

For anyone who has seen Megadeth live, keep track as you scroll below and see how many of these songs you've seen them play!

The Least Played Song Live Off Every Megadeth Album

The rarest of the rare.

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