Have you ever been playing Grand Theft Auto and thought to yourself, this game would be so much better if you could run into Lemmy? Well, now you can. In the Grand Theft Auto forums, a new mod has been created in honor of the legendary rocker allowing you to experience the game as the iconic Motorhead frontman.

In a trailer, seen above with the YouTube description "Lemmy lives forever in our hearts and in Los Santos," you can see the video game version of Lemmy straight down to an "Eat the Rich" logo on his motorcycle and an "Ace of Spades" tattoo displayed on his arm. The one thing that's a little off is that Lem is seen playing guitar instead of his traditional bass.

The creators designed the mod to include Lemmy's custom hair, face, skin, beard, hat sunglasses, tattoos, clothing and even gave him a Motorhead t-shirt. Meanwhile, gamers can spawn Lemmy's Hexer motorbike with the "Eat the Rich" logo, spawn hookers that will follow him around, make him smoke and drink and even let him play guitar and drums, all by using simple commands within the game.

For more on the mod and how to install it, visit the GTA forum site here. In the interim, get a look at some of the gameplay in the trailer above.

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