It’s not every day you get to board a ship with hundreds of metal fans in celebration of Motorhead and all things metal. Motorboat 2014 is one experience to remember and following the boat ride we had the chance to chat with Lemmy Kilmister, who talked about the cruise and plans for Motorboat 2015.

Lemmy also spoke about writing a new Motorhead album next year as well as his friendship with the rest of his bandmates.  He also shared his thoughts on Gene Simmons’ “rock is dead” statement and much more. Check out our interview with the iconic Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead below:

Now that the Motorboat Cruise is done, how was the experience for you overall?

I thought it was great. It was fun, there was no violence. It’s a big boat, you could play football on it. It was great all the way through.

No sea sickness, right?

No, I’ve never gotten sea sickness in my life. It would have been a miserable show, if I did.

It was obvious on the boat that Motorhead is a huge inspiration to many bands, not only musically but with your work ethic. When you first started in the business was there someone you looked up to in the business?

When you start you don’t really think like that. You figure there are gigs you can play. You just play in front of people, you’re not planning it. It’s not really a tolerable business.

You became Captain Lemmy onstage with your hat – was that your idea?

Yeah. That hat, it was a captain’s hat from the First World War from my collection.

Would you be up for Motorboat again?

Yeah, we’re supposed to be doing it next year again. The Motorboat, our ship, the thing is bigger than the Titanic, it truly seems bigger than the Titanic.

With decades of music, what’s the secret to the friendship and musicianship between you, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee?

I don’t know about the musicianship, now. [Laughs] I have two great musicians with me, I’m not even a musician really, I’m the singer so there you go. [Laughs] We’re different, they like it cold, I like it warm -- apart from that, we hang out. There’s no dictatorship.

What does the rest of 2014 and even 2015 have in store for Motorhead?

We’ll be touring Europe in November and December and maybe some dates in the U.S., we’ll see, we’ll try.

You recently said you're going into the studio in January and that you usually go in freely without plans.

That’s when we usually write, in January and February. I always write within the studio, I always go in blind.

Is there anything in particular that inspires your unplanned scribbles?

Sex and death, really. [Laughs] It’s [the title of] a good song, too, on the album ‘Sacrifice.’ Sex and death, it’s the force of anything, when you get right down to it.

Speaking of which, it was very cool that you worked with Huntress in writing ‘I Want to F--- You to Death’ -- an awesome band and song.

Yeah, I helped with that. [Laughs] I love Jill [Janus]. She’s great and they’re doing really well.

I’ve read in other interviews that you consistently reference one of my favorite British bands, Skunk Anansie. As talented as they are, they haven't broken big in the U.S. yet. Why do you think it is that some British bands take off in the States while others don’t?

They’re great.  Right, I know – it’s a crime. Skunk Anansie’s relevance is very good -- black and white people can play together, there’s no need for any kind of friction. The industry never seems to get it right, they always manage to screw it up somehow.

There were rumblings of doing a duet or collaboration with frontwoman Skin of Skunk Anansie.

Yeah, I am. I have to find out about that actually to see if she’s in England or traveling.

To switch gears, Gene Simmons of Kiss recently said that 'Rock is finally dead.' He explained that in today's music climate and digital age, it's not as easy for a rock band to make it big and sell millions of albums anymore. What are you're thoughts on that statement?

Oh, rock 'n' roll had been dead, right from the start. Rock has been dead for a long time now on the radio. The whole radio and television industry -- it’s incredible, they just show women dancing, have a little sinful cheer thrown in. [Laughs]

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