Human trafficking is one of the ugliest aspects alive in society today. In a new public service announcement, Nikki Sixx and Lemmy Kilmister, among others, have taken a stand to raise awareness of this heinous crime.

The ad was put together by the Rockers United foundation, an organization spearheaded by esteemed rock photographer Kevin Estrada. The two rockers along with Nick Carter and Mark McGrath speak about the common places where girls are abducted like parties, walking home and at the mall, then list being curious and trusting as ways people can fall victim of human trafficking. "Over one million children per year in the U.S. are kidnapped and forced into a life of sex slavery," said Sixx.

“I have two young daughters that I care about and love very much," states Estrada. "For the past few years, human trafficking has been on my radar as we see and hear more and more about this spreading sickness. Young girls, like my daughters, fall victim to this travesty every day – and that worries me.”

Each year, over two million girls are trafficked. Organizing benefit shows is one way Rockers United raises funds to help the cause and Rockers United reports "the proceeds from our last very successful all-star concert event and rock 'n' roll auction were used to rescue and rebuild the lives of some of these young victims. Rockers United also extends overseas and donates a portion of its funds to build and set up monitoring stations on the boarders between countries that are known as hotspots for human trafficking."

For more information on Rockers United and to make a donation, click here.

Nikki Sixx's full-time outfit Sixx: A.M. recently released the first installment of the Prayers for the Damned double album. The group are already out on the road in support and a list of tour dates can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

Motorhead will be releasing the Clean Your Clock live CD/DVD on May 27. The set was culled from the band's two final German performances from November of 2015.

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