When Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister passed away on Dec. 28, the rock world began to find ways to celebrate the icon's legacy. Fellow musicians have offered their favorite stories of the rock 'n' roll legend and have honored him onstage with cover songs. Fans have reacted in the same way, doing all they can to make their appreciation known. The latest comes in the form of a petition to have the bassist's favorite drink — Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola — named a "Lemmy." Meanwhile, another tribute to the late rocker comes in the form of a recently filmed Finnish milk commercial featuring Lemmy himself.

At Change.org you can petition for just about anything and one Motorhead fan feels that action must be taken to rename the "Jack and Coke" a "Lemmy." Lemmy claimed to have drank a bottle of Jack Daniel's a day since he was 30 until he had to switch to vodka in August of 2015 due to health reasons. He often imbibed his favorite whiskey with Coca-Cola, which was part of the reason to make the switch as the frontman suffered from diabetes. Hoping to acquire 25,000 signatures, the petition reads,

A Jack Daniel's and Coke will forever be associated with Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister, the iconic founder of Motorhead. To celebrate and remember one of Rock and Roll's true legends, I petition everyone to henceforth and hereafter refer to the combination of Jack Daniel's Whiskey and Coca-Cola as a "Lemmy." Let it be so.

The notion that this bar staple will become universally known as a "Lemmy" is hopeful at best, despite the petition's best efforts. Regardless, it is a warm homage to one of rock's most beloved figures. Another petition was started earlier this week to have one of the newly discovered "superheavy" elements on the periodic table to be named "Lemmium."

Another tribute was found in an unsuspecting place: a Finnish milk advertisement, which can be viewed above. Famously paired (as a substitute for an egg white) with gin and cherry grenadine to make a "Pink Lady," no stories have surfaced whether Lemmy was a fan of this combination as well. However, the Motorhead mainman humorously says in the video, "I don't drink milk and I never will... you a--hole" while shaking his cane at the camera. The scrolling description at the end tells the story of the clip and demonstrates what made Lemmy such a storied character in the rock community.

Two days after learning of his terminal neck and brain cancer, the legend died surrounded by loved ones and his favorite game from the Rainbow Bar and Grill. The bar will be holding a memorial service for Kilmister tomorrow (Jan. 9) and will take over the entire Sunset Strip. Fans who are unable to attend can join in on the celebration of Lemmy's life by tuning into the live webcast from 3PM to 4:30PM PST.

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