What a wild ride it's been for Limp Bizkit, a band that has seen the highs and lows of the music world.

Limp Bizkit emerged in a big way as the '90s was transitioning out of grunge domination into a brand new world in which nu-metal was soon ready to take over the hard rock landscape. At the center of it all was Fred Durst, the the red-cap wearing divisive face and frontman of Limp Bizkit, who was seemingly everywhere while directing music videos for nu-metal's elite and helping to bring other acts into the spotlight.

The band emerged on the scene with Three Dollar Bill, Y'All, just as nu-metal was beginning to get its footing at rock radio, but by the time their follow-up Significant Other came they were ready to take their place at the top of the music world  Limp Bizkit found that perfect blend of hard rock, metal and hip-hop, making good use of Durst's rapping skills and leaning into their underdog persona while building a massive fanbase.

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But by the time Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water came around, backlash was brewing. Durst and Limp Bizkit were soon the face of the troublesome nature of nu-metal's aggression after their Woodstock '99 appearance, and oversaturation at radio and on MTV fueled their inevitable downfall. Lineup instability also became an issue as the band navigated through the 2000s, and after their 2011 Gold Cobra album, the group mostly disappeared from the landscape, supposedly working on an oft-delayed release.

It was a full decade before Limp Bizkit returned with their Still Sucks album, with the cycle of popularity seemingly bringing back a new nostalgia for the nu-metal era of the early 2000s. If Limp Bizkit could take the heat during the band times, they should also feel the love when viewed through the eyes of a new generation.

Love them or hate them, Limp Bizkit have never shied away from being themselves, and here we take a look at their album output. See how we ranked Limp Bizkit's albums through the years below.

Limp Bizkit Albums Ranked

See how we ranked Limp Bizkit's albums from weakest to strongest.

Gallery Credit: John Hill, Chad Childers

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