Wes Borland posted on Instagram recently to announce that he's started work on his second solo LP, The Astral Hand. The album is currently without a release date and looks to be in the early stages of writing and recording. Borland has called it the "sequel" to his 2016 album Crystal Machete.

While this is technically Borland's second solo album, the musician does have a history of other projects outside of Limp Bizkit, previously having recorded under the moniker Black Light Burns and Big Dumb Face and forming such other projects as Eat the Day and The Damning Well.

He wrote the following on Instagram:

"Starting another record by myself. Boom. #theastralhand (Crystal Machete sequel) and FYI: "I climbed the mountaintop to the cave of Dagoth and swam under the statue of Ith, through the hidden river, and beyond the portals that dare travelers off the path, knowingly or unknowingly. I cheated a thousand deaths there and stood firmly in the halls of the ancients. I drank of the waters beyond Ith and knew what it was to be burdened with the wisdom of the universe. I thought in many tongues as I crept towards the alter and kneeled beyond that bloodied throne that so many mortals have coveted. I knelt at that alter and felt --THE ASTRAL HAND-- of Raybienecsh pierce the dimensional divide and as it came to rest on my humble shoulder mine eyes traveled towards the heavens. There upon the alter appeared that talisman of dread, that weapon of might. The Crystal Machete was there in my sight."

Crystal Machete proved a pretty big diversion from Borland's previous work in Limp Bizkit, Black Light Burns and his other projects. It was conceived as a soundtrack for a non-existent movie. Musically it showed a shift in style from metal to more atmospheric types of music, even verging on post-rock in some aspects. It proved Borland is full of ideas musically, and can play a wealth of different styles. Plus, it'll be nice to hear more from him.

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