Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann has seen some disruption within his other self-titled band, revealing that he and his Lindemann cohort Peter Tagtgren will be going their separate ways after finishing work on a new live DVD.

In a statement posted to the Lindemann social media, it was announced, "Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren end their collaboration on 'Lindemann'! As Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren confirm today, the two artists have ended their collaboration on the project 'Lindemann.' Both will be pursuing their own plans in the future. Lindemann and Tägtgren are currently working on a final joint release, a live DVD of their show in Moscow 2020, which will be released in spring 2021."

One other key piece of the statement is that Till Lindemann will "be active" under the name Lindemann within a new setup in the future.

The Lindemann-Tagtgren pair was responsible for two albums - 2015's Skills in Pills and 2019's F&M. They were best known for the songs "Praise Abort," "Steh auf" and "Frau & Mann."

Till Lindemann had planned to be on the road in 2020 with Rammstein, but the pandemic forced the push of their tour plans to 2021. The band issued their self-titled album in 2019 while also celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album Herzeleid this year.

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