Some say crabcore died years ago when the Warped Tour wave of metalcore hit its saturation point, but it seems to keep creeping its way into the conversation even at the end of 2018. A man wearing an Attack Attack! T-shirt was arrested on Live PD last night (Dec. 15).

The show chronicles police departments pursuing calls in real time. According to the response on twitter, this fellow in the Attack Attack! shirt had a number of knives on him.

But there were also a handful who knew it was the infamous crabcore outfit.

Attack Attack! were, of course, the original band of many notable figures in active groups. Their original vocalist was Austin Carlile, who went on to form Of Mice & Men. Their keyboardist (and replacement vocalist after Carlile was kicked out), Caleb Shomo, now fronts Beartooth. A slew of additional members went on to form a slew of other bands as well, including Bilmuri, the March Ahead, Brightwell, Drudge and Nine Shrines, among others.

Additionally, Crown the Empire drummer Brandon Hoover recently tweeted a video of an individual on the show getting arrested while wearing a Dance Gavin Dance shirt.

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