The Lost in Vegas duo are back with another reaction video. Their genuine enthusiasm for rock and metal in all its forms and sense of understanding for each styles' nuances has resonated with headbangers, who have responded with equal enthusiasm to the duo's commentary. Lost in Vegas have dug into classics by Slayer, Metallica, Death, GWAR, Trivium and so many others and now they've tackled Rush's towering "2112" epic.

Throughout the song, they pause to reflect on certain sections and transitions and this Rush track tests their analytical abilities as they digest each movement and begin to understand what elements unify these pieces. "I haven't heard a groove yet that I have not liked from Rush," says George (right). His appreciation for the complexities of rock and metal drumming has been expressed in other reaction videos and here, he jumps out of his seat in astonishment after one of Neil Peart's cliffhanger drum fills.

As "2112" moves on, shedding its aggression for dream-like sequences only to resurrect the energy with a fiery solo from Alex Lifeson, Ryan and George marvel at Rush's versatility. They also pick up on the mood changes of the music as the lyrical narrative develops.

Rush released a massive 2112 box set in 2016 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the historic prog rock album. Unfortunately for fans, there was no celebratory tour as Peart announced his retirement from touring in December of 2015. At first, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson denied the band was done touring for good, but Lee later on said he had "accepted" this truth and the Peart was not enthusiastic about performing one-off shows.

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