Welcome to Episode 10 of the Loudwire Podcast. This time around, we got Trivium frontman Matt Heafy to sit down and shout with us.

It’s hard to believe Matt Heafy is only 30 years old. A veteran of the metal world, Heafy has been tasting massive success since Ascendancy came out in 2005. Matt was opening up for Iron Maiden at age 20, so we wanted to know what that experience does to your ego. Heafy explained his attitude back then compared to now and how he’s still hungry to achieve more.

A few years ago, Matt blew out his voice while performing at a festival. This left him unable to perform screaming vocals, which is one reason Silence in the Snow features only clean singing. However, Heafy has been working hard, seven days a week, to bring his harsh vocals back and potentially include them in Trivium’s next album. Hear him talk all about it in this interview.

For this episode’s edition of ‘Rocker vs. Writer,’ we debate the greatest Metallica album. Matt took the side of Master of Puppets, while Loudwire Podcast co-host Joe DiVita chose Ride the Lightning. Heafy also took some time to defend Load and Reload, while explaining why Kill ‘Em All isn’t high on his personal favorites.

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