Welcome to Episode 20 of the Loudwire Podcast! This show features Obituary drummer Don Tardy and bassist Terry Butler chatting about their new self-titled album, the need for extreme metal bands to tour more often and Tardy playing Saturday Night Live as a member of Andrew W.K.’s band.

Obituary’s new album is a solid meat-and-potatoes death metal record, exhibiting everything an Obituary fan wants from the Florida death metal legends. Instead of naming the record Obituary as some sort of statement, the guys explain about after Inked in Blood’s decapitated and dismembered torso album cover, it made sense to bring things back to basics.

Did you know Don Tardy was a member of Andrew W.K.’s band during the height of his success? Tardy played on I Get Wet, which became insanely popular in the early 2000s. In this podcast, Tardy recalls receiving a handwritten note from Andrew in pencil gushing how Obituary was his favorite band. Enticed by an opportunity to play something completely different, Tardy signed on and suddenly found himself more nervous than he could even describe before playing SNL in front of 11 million people.

In this edition of "Rocker vs. Writer," we argued the heaviest song ever written. Of course, Black Sabbath took up a great deal of the chat with both the Ozzy and Dio years. We explored the definition of “heavy” in detail and took some left turns chatting about the most evil songs and bands on the planet.

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