Chris Barnes, vocalist of death metal vets Six Feet Under and formerly of Cannibal Corpse, has named his favorite death metal albums and even included one of his own (and for good reason).

The 55-year-old icon was tasked with naming first three favorite death metal albums — much like Max Cavalera was asked about his three favorite thrash albums — both in an episode of the "My Three Questions To" video series from Jonathan Montenegro's "Sobre La Dosis" podcast (video below).

"I'm going to have to say PossessedSeven Churches," says Barnes after first being asked to recollect how Cannibal Corpse landed a cameo appearance in the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movie. He also offered his thoughts on the early black metal scene, acknowledging it is not necessarily his area of expertise.

Possessed, "Death Metal"

Making his second selection, the Six Feet Under frontman presents a bundle, stating, "I'm going to go with DeathLeprosy and Spiritual Healing... and Scream Bloody Gore! I'm going to have to wrap those three up — Chuck [Schuldiner[ was a good friend of mine and I was a huge fan of Death early on. Rest in peace, Chuck."

Death, "Pull the Plug"

It's a sentiment we can relate to — having to choose just one album from the seminal Death seems just about impossible. What some fans may find a bit surprising is that Death's 1991 album Human, not uncommonly regarded as the band's most crucial release, is on the out. But there is something to be said for the pioneering brutality laid out across the group's first three albums that Barnes shouted out before Death's style really began to evolve, heading into more technical and progressive areas.

Adding to the list, Barnes names Obituary's debut album, Slowly We Rot, as well.

Obituary, "Slowly We Rot"

"All three of those bands are similar type of death metal," he reasons, adding, "Of course, Possessed [are] the kings of death metal. They pretty much started it all. [Vocalist] Jeff Becerra [is] a fucking awesome guy."

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Sticking with the idea that three Death albums still equal one selection, Barnes even posited a fourth on his list and it's one of the biggest accomplishments of his career.

"If I have to throw a fourth one in there, I'm going to have to say [Cannibal Corpse's] Butchered at Birth and kind of pat myself on the back," he says with a smile, noting, "That was a huge album in death metal as far as our twist on the whole thing and I think it influenced a lot of people just as Possessed influenced a lot of bands to move in a certain direction."

Cannibal Corpse, "Gutted"

The sophomore effort from Cannibal Corpse, Butchered at Birth found the band refining the style presented one year earlier on the Eaten Back to Life debut, distancing themselves from their thrash influences while landing on a sound that would more or less become their sticking point for decades to come.

Watch the full video below.

Chris Barnes on "My Three Questions To"

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