In this episode of the Loudwire Podcast, we’re debating the eternal heavy metal question — Iron Maiden or Judas Priest? To help with the conversation, we invited comedian and That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson to say his piece on the subject.

Don Jamieson came into our studio ready to defend the honor of Judas Priest, who he places above Iron Maiden in the argument. Loudwire Podcast co-host Joe DiVita took the side of Iron Maiden, his all-time favorite band. With Loudwire’s Graham Hartmann more or less in the middle, the conversation went off from the very beginning, getting into serious nerd territory.

For this debate, we took apart every dynamic of both bands. With Don’s help, we talked about which band does the twin guitar attack to best, whether Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford is the greater frontman, the influence of both bands and more. We even lined up the discographies of both bands, since Iron Maiden have unleashed 16 studio albums and Judas Priest have given us 17. We tallied up our picks as we compared album vs album, so you’ll find out the final tally at the end of the podcast.

The most difficult question of the podcast may be which of Maiden and Priest’s combined 33 full-lengths is the absolute best. With much difficulty, all three came up with their answer for the podcast’s finale.

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