Turning 50 is huge for anybody, especially if you're a rocker that's been going at it a long time. Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn is hitting the big five-o, and to celebrate he's enlisting some of his favorite musicians and friends to join him to play his 50th birthday bash on July 22 at the Oakland Metro.

To celebrate, he's also posted footage of himself rehearsing for the event in a new video released to the Machine Head YouTube channel. It's a pretty fun watch as it takes Flynn a moment or two to keep up with the rest of the group, but when he does, it turns out sweet.

Flynn went on a livestream recently to detail some of the event, promising a mix of songs that have affected him throughout his entire life. In a statement he said, "In honor of the inglorious occasion, the youthfully challenged yet chronologically gifted frontman will be celebrating with a concert performance on Saturday, July 22 at The Metro Operahouse in Oakland, Calif. and features a cavalcade of D-List rockstars, has-been’s and never-was’s such as F–ckin’ Joe Cabral and Robb himself."

It's been somewhat of a quiet year from Machine Head. Their last album Bloodstone & Diamonds came out in 2014. Aside from that, their music found its way into the recent soundtrack for recent horror film, The Devil's Candy. 2017 also marked the tenth anniversary of one of Machine Head's most poignant works, The BlackeningTime will tell what the rest of the year has in store for Flynn and company.

Check out Robb Flynn rehearsing for the event above!

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