One of metal's biggest tours hit New York City on Friday night (Feb. 7) with Machine Head, Suicide Silence and Darkest Hour nearly blowing the roof off the Best Buy Theater. This current leg of 'The Eighth Plague' tour is Machine Head's first true headlining tour in nearly five years -- and the NYC crowd welcomed them with rabid enthusiasm.

Darkest Hour opened the show with a solid performance. Having just interviewed Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum in a beer and smoke-filled room, it was crazy to see the band fly through their set with striking precision.

Suicide Silence chugged their way through their cluster of deathcore tracks. The crowd brought a ton of energy to the show as Suicide Silence occupied the stage, with slam-dancing, circle pits and walls of death ruling the floor. The only truly impressive part of Suicide Silence's performance was the vocal range of Mitch Lucker, whose highs tread into Cradle of Filth territory.

Machine Head dominated the night with their powerful thrash-driven brand of metal. The band played crushing tracks spanning their entire career, with the tracks sounding much, much heavier live compared to their recorded music. One of the standout hits of the night was 'Locust,' which commanded an incredibly positive reaction from the crowd despite how new the song is.

Frontman Robb Flynn constantly shared his appreciation for the crowd, thanking the 2,000+ fan multiple times for their support. Flynn also regaled the audience with a story about "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott before playing 'Aesthetics of Hate,' where "Dimebag" drunkenly smashed one of Flynn's guitars onstage during a tour. Flynn shined the spotlight on the kindness of Dime, who replaced Flynn's broken axe with a brand new prototype Dimebolt.

Finishing up the night with 'Davidian,' Machine Head put on an incredibly memorable and intense show as their fans chanted "Machine F---in' Head' throughout the performance.

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