Remember that classic moment in 'Jersey Shore' where Snooki got decked in the face by some moron? Well, a copycat crime just occurred at Rockfest in Kansas City, as a Snooki doppleganger got her faced kicked in by a similar moron -- only this time, the attacker got the hell beat out of him at the music festival, which was headlined by Slash, Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch.

One of the cardinal rules of live shows is to never hit a woman. If a dude gets hit in the pit accidentally or on purpose, you shake it off or you settle it one-on-one. The danger of getting hurt at a rock show is one of the adrenaline-fueled reasons why live shows are so exciting and cathartic, but when you hit a girl, all bets are off -- a lesson this guy won't forget anytime soon.

The video starts off with a concertgoer trying to talk some sense into another guy who doesn't look too happy. Apparently the Snooki clone was the final straw, as her words landed her a brutal boot to the face. Thankfully, this douchebag didn't get away clean, as a gaggle of burly dudes quickly converged onto the attacker, sending him to the ground and beating the holy hell out of him.

Guys like this thug here serve as complete misrepresentations of how rock and metal fans act at live shows. The moral of the story is -- if you're going to act as a harmful and brutal male stereotype, you're going to get what you give. A rock crowd is a singular body -- if someone falls, you pick them back up, if someone drops their glasses, you give the person space to find them again … but if you go against what is best for your fellow concertgoers, you will be exiled.

Check out the video of the incident below, courtesy of TMZ.

Man Kicks Snooki Look-Alike, Gets His Ass Kicked