There's tragic news to report as a man was fatally stabbed in the chest at a Santa Ana, Calif. club during a set from Los Angeles-based punk band Feels.

According to the OC Weekly, the stabbing took place during a five band bill at the Underground TSA club Thursday night (March 3). The suspect was seen aggressively moshing during the show before a fight broke out and the stabbing occurred. The Los Angeles Times reports that the Santa Ana Police Department confirmed that 23-year-old Nathan Joe Alfaro was taken to an area hospital in critical condition and later pronounced dead.

Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told the paper that at some point during the show, the victim was involved in a fight with another man in the mosh pit and was stabbed in the upper torso. After he was wounded, the victim exited the nightclub and collapsed on the street while the assailant fled the area before police arrived. OC Weekly reports that Santa Ana police arrested 21-year-old Juan Angel Rivera on Friday (March 4) on suspicion of the murder.

The band Feels, who were performing at the time of the incident, gave their account of what occurred in a Facebook posting. Their comments read as follows:

We are completely devastated, so totally at a loss for words but feeling the need to say some things in honor of the spirit of the kid who apparently got stabbed to death at the show last night... Punk isn't about hurting other people. F--k that s--t.
Thank you to Nathan who gave up his life last night to try to keep the one totally psycho violent moshing guy in check. The psycho dude had crazy eyes and was slamming into everyone in the room, even on the edges, almost knocked over the entire DJ set up... but who could've known he had a knife. We watched as the fight broke out, crashing onto the stage knocking mics over while the second band played, saw fists flying and more and more people dog piling on to try to break it up but still had no idea... then there was blood on the floor, cops and paramedics, the whole show was shut down of course, but still when we left we were under the impression that he was stabbed in the shoulder and was going to be fine.
Waking up this morning and finding out that he died in the hospital... There are no words. We are sending all of our love to the spirit of Nathan, his friends and family. We seriously hope that the murderer is captured and prosecuted to the fullest.
Let's all take something forward from this... If your'e at a show and you clock someone sketchy who's just out to hurt other people -- just driven by violence and not music- head straight for the bouncer. Don't get us wrong, we love mosh pits. Slamming into other people can be the most fun liberating thing in the world, and yeah sometimes people get hurt -- but it should NEVER be intentional. If someone falls you pick them up -- there's an unspoken camaraderie in the pit. F--k anyone who acts otherwise. F--k this insane violence. We are sick with the understanding that this happened before our eyes.

The band also stated in the comments section of the post responding to a comment asking for a benefit show that they would be happy to help in any way possible.

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